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“The plastic surgeon scalpel is like the artist’s brush”

Choosing your plastic surgeon is a decision that could define your life; that is why such reason must be taken after gathering all the needed information and serenity.

Plastic surgery is one of the oldest practices of medicine; historians have found evidence that in the 1500 B.C. this was already practiced by the Egyptians; in the Vedas history it has been found the presence of flaps and grafts; around the VII century B.C some interventions to rebuild the nose, ears and lips were performed. And if we talk about aesthetics surgery its origins can also be traced back to the same time or even further, in the prehistory we found primitive practices which goal was the embellishment.

Choosing your plastic surgeon is essential in the proper development of the procedure; given that for human beings appearance has always been fundamental, been able to modify it and improve it, this is why choosing your plastic surgeon with precaution is so important. Man by nature dedicates to take care of his body, spends hours in the gym, in the hairdressing, he cares his diet and chooses the food that will help in this mission.

Each thing that we do for our body, involves a decision that we must make with all the proper information, taking into consideration all the possible data, so the final result is no only the one we expect, but much better. This is why choosing the plastic surgeon that will hold the scalpel is a decision that can’t be taken lightly; you must think about it and gather all the information possible.

Now days, is common to find new surgeons and clinics that offer this kind of procedures, but before you agree to a surgery there are a few things that you must ask to the surgeon. In the first place, is essential that you trust your physician, you have to feel free to ask him all the doubts you have, without any fear.

Knowing how to choose a plastic surgeon is something that will lead to the expected results, in beauty as well as in health; this is why is fundamental to make sure that the procedures will be performed in the proper manner, taking care the aesthetics, health and live itself results.

It is important to highlight that a good plastic surgeon it clearly sets apart for getting natural results, that contribute to a general harmony of the patient’s body, therefore getting to know preview works of the surgeon will give you security; is also important that you find out before hand, directly through your physician, which are the risks and complications that can arise from the surgical procedure and which are the cares that you must have during the post-op.

It is also essential to know the backgrounds, where did he performed his residence, in which clinics and practices he performs his procedures, if he is a member of the Sociedad Colombiana de Cirugía Plástica (Colombian Plastic Surgery Society) and all the general information about his professional live, this will allow you to make an informed decision, knowing who is –professionally– the doctor that will perform the surgery.

MD Fabian Cuevas is a physician graduated from Rosario’s University, he’s specialized in Plastic, Aesthetics, Maxillofacial and Hand Surgery from The Bosque University, he currently is an active member in the Colombian Plastic Surgery Society, he’s the leader in the committee Safe Patient Program and Chief of the Plastic Surgery Service Marly’s Clinic. Doctor Cuevas is also part of the Plastic Surgeons team of Shaio Clinic and is an appointed Surgeon to Colsanitas, Colseguros and Suramericana.

Doctor Cuevas combines the knowledge with the new technologies, seeking with this, significantly decrees the risks and complications for his patients. His surgical practice is performed in facilities that comply with the higher quality and prestige standards, using cutting edge technology, giving his patients the possibility to attend the specialized Pain Control Program, offered by the Marly’s Clinic and Shaio Clinic, in order to control the post-op of any aesthetic procedure. 

As a patient is substantial to know how to choose who will be your surgeon, this will give you the necessary tranquility to arrive to a surgical intervention and getting the results you desire

Take and informed decision, a healthy decision!

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