Liposculpture or Liposuction: Body Shaping

How to eliminate the “fatty”? This is a very common question among us human beings. Many men and women are not completely satisfied with their bodies, they want to move something here and reduce a little something there, they want to “shape their bodies”, this is the purpose of Liposculpture or Liposuction.

How to eliminate the “fatty”? This is possible with a very simple procedure, surgically speaking, removes the adipose tissue, better known as fat, from certain body areas; with this, the accumulated fat will be reduced. The surgeon will always pursue a harmonic shape for such fat, seeking that the patient has an aesthetics appearance. At the same time that the fatties are eliminated it can be included the so-called Lipoinyection, in which the adipose tissue that was recovered from the patient is infiltrated in the body areas that need it.

To eliminate the “fatty” we must take some things into consideration, for instance it is very important taking into account what sorts of patients are suitable for such procedures. This is something that should be clearly explained by your surgeon, and that you must consider. For instance, a patient that is in his/her ideal weight (relation between height and weight), but that has some “fatties” that wants to eliminate is a perfect candidate for a Liposculpture; however, a person that has overweight or obesity problems should not undergo a Liposculpture, because this is not the solution. Dr. Fabian Cuevas explains this perfectly, “this is not a surgery to weight loss, this is a surgery to shape your body, extracting poorly located fat, therefore it should be contraindicated in patients with moderate overweight and obesity, as well as in patients with base diseases not treated or controlled”. 

Is important to mention that Liposculpture doesn’t end once the patient is out of the operating room (OR), the care that he/she has during the post-operatory and his/her normal live are fundamental for the success. It is essential that the patient that has taken a Liposculpture knows that his/her exercise and nutrition habits are crucial for the procedure success, because these cares are the ones that will maintain the desired result. The surgeon can perform a perfect job on his patient, giving a dreamed result, however if this is not followed by an exercise routine and a good nutrition the result would be terminated shorty, the patient will accumulate adipose tissue once more and in less than a year it will be exactly as before. It is also important to point out that these procedures must be performed in patients of age. 

Other cares that are important to mention are those that must be done during the post-op, make sure that your surgeon detailed explain the procedure to you, its risks, its benefits and its later cares, in this way you will feel confident in taking the decision. During the post-op there will be pain, swelling, some bruises and drainage, all of the above should be controlled by your physician and he also should be alert for any signs of anemia, such as weakness or dizziness, none of these should last longer than a week.

Liposculpture can be performed with several technics, the most important thing is that all of these lead to the same result, “the tranquility of the patient”; the conventional Liposculpture is performed through the infiltration of solutions such as “serum”, within the adipose tissue and after, such tissue is removed through a suction cannula. This technique is also combined with the new technologies (VASER LASER, Microair) allowing that this procedure is performed with fewer difficulties, for instance as less bleeding, pain and swelling, however, this technique is more expensive for the patient. 

Liposculpture is an ambulatory procedure; it can be performed under local anesthesia, but is usually performed under general anesthesia, for the sake of the patient.

Liposculpture is an ambulatory procedure; it can be performed under local anesthesia, but is usually performed under general anesthesia, for the sake of the patient. One thing that you must take into account at the moment of deciding to have a Liposculpture, is that whoever surgeon you choose to perform it, it must have the proper accreditations, has to work in a prestigious medical center, and that you must feel totally comfortable and confident. This will allow you to go into the OR, trusted and with the tranquility that you are in the best possible hands. 

Put yourself in hands of professionals, remember, you are sculpting your body!

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