Facial Surgery



The Rhinoplasty is the surgical procedure, in which the aesthetic anatomic alterations of the nose are corrected, dealing with all the structures, skin, fat, bones and cartilage.

This procedure is indicated to patients that, by genetics, trauma or age changes, show alteration on the nose form, with or without functional alterations of the nasal respiratory function.

The Rhinoplasty can be made with to different approaches: 1: Open, with a scar through the columella, almost imperceptible, 2. Close, with an inner scar through the mucous membrane, but with a smaller direct access to all the tissues.

This procedure lasts between one to three hours, according the structures to handle. This procedure is usually made under general anesthesia and in a fewer cases with local anesthesia. Its ambulatory in most cases, unless there is an especial clinic condition on the patient, preview or after the surgery, that indicate a hospitalization.

On the postoperative some swelling and ecchymosis (bruises) will appear around the eyes, nasal congestion, a very minor pain, all of these will last about two weeks.

Within the adverse eventualities we can find bleeding, infections, the remaining of the deformities by cartilage memory, nasal deviation, temporal nasal obstruction, scars, open wounds or dehiscence. The anesthetics and surgical risks are similar to those of any other surgical procedure. Is important to note that in 10% of the procedures is needed posterior surgical retouching as minor procedures with local anesthesia.

The recovery involves the use of nasal bandages for three or four weeks, splints, nasal serum and decongestants, antibiotics with anti-inflammatory, the patient must sleep semirecumbent, local ice, glasses, the normal activities must be preformed carefully, restraining yourself of big efforts for a week, sun screen. The patient must attend the doctor’s appointments as scheduled; the patient must have patience for the definitive results that will show between three to six months. The medical leave of absence will depend of the surgery and the job that the patient performs, given the swelling and the bruises, it can go from three to fifteen days.

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