Facial Surgery



The Otoplasty or Ear Surgery is the surgical procedure that deals with the shape, size and position of the ears, the final intention is to make it aesthetic.

Is indicated to in patients over six years old with alterations on the shape, position or size of the ears, mostly for genetics, known as “over projecting ear.”, this is, of course, a bad definition of Antihelical, earlobe, lobe position, or a mix of these characteristics. Other alterations on the ears are known as cryptotia.

The Otoplasty is preformed according the subject or the preference of the surgeon, by different techniques, mostly approaching behind the ear, resecting the cartilage, placing stitches and/or weakening the cartilage

This procedure lasts about an hour in each ear. Is preformed under local anesthesia, in most cases, or with general anesthesia according the patient’s choice. Its ambulatory

On the postoperative some pain, swelling and ecchymosis (bruises) will appear, all of these will last about two weeks.

Within the adverse eventualities we can find infections, hematomas, scars and lost of the ear form by the realizing of stitches or bandages. The anesthetics and surgical risks are similar to those of any other surgical procedure.

The recovery involves sleeping without adding any pressure to the ears, keeping bandages for about 140 days and lately hats or headbands that keep the ears in the right position and that protect them of dubbing or traction, all the normal activities can be done. The patient must attend the doctor’s appointments as scheduled, also he/she will use analgesic and anti-inflammatory. The medical leave of absence will depend of the surgery and the job that the patient performs, given the swelling and the bruises, it can go from two to five days.

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