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Reduction Mammoplasty

Reduction Mammoplasty

The Reduction Mammoplasty is the surgical procedure, in which the breast size is reduced, given weight gain, size and sagging breast.

This procedure is indicated in patients that by genetics or by hormonal changes showed during development or growth, or after pregnancies and aging, an increase breast size, (hypertrophy), followed, in many cases, for backache.

Reduction Mammoplasty can be performed by different approaches, according the desire of the patient and the recommendation of the surgeon.

  1.  With the scar just around the areola or periareolar, this can be used in breast with minor hypertrophy.
  2. Vertical and periareolar scar, in other minor cases.
  3. Periareolar, vertical and even sub-mammary scar, better known as inverted “T” or “anchor”, used in cases where the breast have a bigger size.
  4. Some variations with “J” or sideways scars. This surgery removes or resects the mammary tissue and the extra skin, relocating the breast into a higher position, with the proper shape.

This procedure lasts two to three hours, is performed under general anesthesia in most cases, and Its ambulatory, unless there is an especial clinic condition on the patient, preview or after the surgery, that indicate a hospitalization.

During the postoperative, there will be some swelling, pain and bruises (ecchymosis) that will last about two weeks, also the patient can have some minor bleeding for the drains. The shapes of the breast will improve progressively till three months after the surgery.

Within adverse eventualities, we can find hematomas, fluids accumulation or seromas, infections, distress on the skin edges and/or wounds, poor cicatrization and sensibility decrees in the areola. The anesthetics and surgical risks are similar to all the other surgical procedures.

The recovery implies the use of analgesics, antibiotics and drains for three days; the use of bandages and special bras for two up to three months, general cares for scars, as creams. The stitches removal will be done 21 up to 30 days after the surgery; the patient must attend the medical controls as scheduled. The medical leave of absence will depend of the job preformed by the patient, but it goes between seven to fifteen days.

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