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Facial Liposculpture

Facial Liposculpture

The Liposculpture or Lipoinjection is the surgical procedure in which adipose tissues are infiltrated to give volume and fill in certain areas of the face that by ageing or beauty need it.

Is indicated in patients with pronounced face furrows or folds, is not used in wrinkles and seeks to decrees the emphasis of these depressions; in patients that by genetic predisposal, ageing, disease or trauma aftermaths, have irregularities or lack of volume in the facial contour and wish to improve it in the lips, chin, cheekbones or cheeks.

The facial Liposculpture is performed by taking grafts of the adipose tissue through a syringe, preferably in the abdomen, in lower quantities; this won’t cause any irregularities at the donor region. These grafts must be pour off to remove the non adipose material, and then are inserted with fine needles in the affected regions, through small punctuate incisions, that won’t leave any scars. The 50% or 70% of the injected material adds with the body.

This procedure length depends on the number of treated regions, but it goes from thirty to ninety minutes. Is usually made under local anesthesia, unless is accompanied with other procedure that requires general anesthesia. Its an ambulatory procedure in most cases, unless there are there are previews or after conditions on the patients that required hospitalization.

On the postoperative mild pain, swelling and ecchymosis (bruises) will appear, in both the donor and the receptor region, all of these will last about two weeks.

Within the adverse eventualities we can find, infections, more than a 50% loss of grafts, irregularities and asymmetries. The anesthetics and surgical risks are similar to those of any other surgical procedure.

In the recovery analgesics and antibiotics will be used, as well as sun screen. The patient must attend the medical controls as scheduled. No ice or massages in the affected region can be used because it will damage the grafts. The medical leave of absence will depend of the surgery and the job that the patient performs, given the swelling and the bruises, but it can go from three to seven days.

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