Facial Surgery

Facial Dermabrasion

Facial Dermabrasion

Dermabrasion is the surgical procedure in which an abrasion or scraping of the skin face, total or partial is performed, with the purpose of decreasing scars, spots and wrinkles, giving a better texture to the skin.

This procedure is indicated in patients that by trauma, solar changes or age showed scars, spots and fine wrinkles, wishing to have a better skin texture and look. This procedure replaces the ablation LASER, that in the Hispanic race produces great aftermaths.

Dermabrasion is preformed with fine sandpaper that produces an even scraping of the epidermis and regulates the skin look, giving a better appearance.

This procedure last thirty to ninety minutes according the affected regions. Is preformed under general or local anesthesia. Its an ambulatory procedure in most cases, unless there are previews or after conditions on the patients that required hospitalization.

On the postoperative some burning pain, swelling, minor bleeding and crusts will appear. The crusts will last around ten days and after the skin color will be pink, this can go from one to three months depending the skin type.

Within the adverse eventualities we can find, infections, persistence pinkness on the skin, pigmentation spots according the type of skin. The anesthetics and surgical risks are similar to those of any other surgical procedure.

The recovery implicates the use of analgesics, external use antibiotics in the treated areas, in cream or liquid; sun screen and moisturizing cream, the patient must attend the medical controls as scheduled. The medical leave of absence will depend of the surgery and the job that the patient performs, given the skin coloring, but it can go from ten to fifteen days.