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Botulinum Toxin

Botulinum Toxin

Botulinum Toxin is a substance derivate from a bacterium, Clostridium Botulinum, that produces a partial temporary or transitory paralysis of the facial muscles, this decrease the contraction of such muscles and the pulling that these produces on the skin, this is what creates wrinkles. Is very useful to treat wrinkles at the facial upper third; mostly in frown, “crow’s feet” and eyebrows.

Is indicated in young patients that want to decrease the appearance of wrinkles over the years, or in patients that seek to decrease the prominence of wrinkles, stopping its progression. Is important to note that in some cases in which, there has being a falling tissues and sagging, such tissues must be lifted first to accomplish a good effect with the toxin. 

The substance is infiltrated in small portions in each of the muscular groups, according the necessity of the patient. Results begging to show after three or five days, and is in its best moment between the seventh and tenth day. It lasts about three to four months, after it declines, until is completely lost in the fifth or sixth month, following this another infiltration can be performed and so on. Is important to stand out that there will be no wrinkles deterioration on the patients that use this treatment.

This procedure lasts about ten minutes, is performed in the doctor’s office, ambulatory, without anesthesia or with topic gel anesthesia, placed on the patient an hour before the procedure 

During the application some mild pain can be presented in each of the infiltration’s spots as well as a little redness that won’t last more than thirty minutes, or some small bruises. (ecchymosis). 

Within the adverse eventualities, we can find allergic reactions, infections or a lower duration than expected; this procedures is contraindicated on patients with neuromuscular diseases. 

The recovery is immediate. Patients can lie down until four hours after the procedure, no sports physical activity or any efforts can be done. The face can’t be massaged or cleaned, given that the toxin can be scatter and give other effects. After these four hours, the patient can retake normal activities. The patient must assist medical controls.

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