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IPL Photo-Rejuvenation

IPL Photo-Rejuvenation

IPL Photo-rejuvenation is the procedure in which an equipment, that issues a light very similar to laser, that stimulate the formation and organization of the collagen and elastin fibers, contracts the capillaries and reduces melanocytes, improving texture, hydration, spots, fine wrinkles, dilated vessels, fat production and the amount of hairs in the skin.

This procedure is indicated in patients that present face photoaging, given exposure to ultraviolet sun radiation. Photoaging is manifested on the skin with spots, dilated vessels as little spiders (telangiectatic) fine wrinkles and dryness. Is also very useful in patients that want to decrease the density or amount of hair (hair removal), given its action on the hair follicle. Is important to note that this is not a permanent hair removal, given that this does not exist; what this procedure does is weaken the follicle depending the thickness and hair color during an undetermined time, higher than any other conventional procedure. Other benefit of the procedure is acne treatment, given its action over the sebaceous glands. On the scars can improve the skin texture and decrease the redness when the scar still is in the mellowing stage. 

Photo-rejuvenation is made placing the hand part of the equipment over the treated area, with the necessary specifications, according previous indications, without any body invasion. Several sessions are required, maybe one up to four weeks in between, going 4 up to 8 sessions. The effect can be seen in every session and its duration is around one year, requiring some other sessions after the original procedure to maintain and keeping the skin. 

The procedure last between ten to thirty minutes, according the area and previous indications. Does not require anesthesia. Is performed in the doctor’s office and its ambulatory. During each session some redness can be presented and some mild pain, without any kind of wound. Within adverse eventualities, we can find skin irritation and swelling, prolonged redness or sun burns if the patient doesn’t uses sunscreen. 

Recovery is almost immediate, redness usually disappears after two hours and the latter cares implies the use of sunscreen and moisturizing creams. Normal activities can be retaken immediate. The patient must attend the medical controls to evaluate the response and the need of further sessions.

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