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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Hair removal consists in getting rid of the greater volume of hair follicles possible in any face or body skin area. For this procedure, there are several techniques; however laser technique is the one that has achieved the better results. Through laser evolution history there has been different types of light with which hair removal has been done, but now days the one used are NdYAG and Diodo. Within the other kind of treatments there is also possible to perform hair removal with IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) this is not a laser but good results are achieved.

Laser hair removal it is not permanent or definitive, but it is good enough to achieve long term results and superior to other treatments. Laser acts into the follicle, producing burning and damage to it, and there for into the oil gland that shares the follicle, is this why that it also improve diseases as folliculitis and prevents forunculosis and hidradenitis suppurative, that are very regular in areas with lots of hair. But this follicle damage is relative, because in the healing there can be regeneration of some follicles and also this can be given by hormonal changes or diseases as Cushing.

The duration of the result depends in great measure on the patient: color, thickness, volume of the hair and skin tone. The factors that favor the results are a darker hair color, a median thickness, lower volume of hair, and a lighter skin tone. The patients present a decrease in hair volume, lower velocity of growth or even the despairing of it once the treatment protocol is completed (number of sessions), with intervals of three, six, nine or twelve months, and even three to four years.   

This procedure is indicated in patients that wish to decrease the volume of hair for aesthetics or medical reasons, such as folliculitis, forunculosis or hidradenitis suppurative. If patients fulfill with the good results criteria, mentioned above, have the absolute indication, and if they do not fulfill this criteria the indication is relative, because the result won’t be that good, in this case is up to the patient decision.

For this procedure the patient must be shaved, not with wax or pluck, because these methods eliminate the follicle and laser wouldn’t perform, but if the patient is shaved the follicle remains intact. If the patient goes to the session without hair removal, hair absorbs the laser light and it could even burn the skin. At the moment of performing the hair removal session skin is covered with gel and the hand piece is placed on the skin with the technical needed specifications. Its length depends on the number of treated areas, it goes form five minutes up to an hour, its ambulatory, is performed at the doctor’s office and it does not require anesthesia. There is a minor burning sensation and a minor redness that goes away in ten up to thirty minutes. Within the secondary effects there can be some skin irritation. Results are seen since session one and the sessions are repeated every two to six weeks, with an average of four.

Recovery is immediate and does not require leave of absence, the important thing is to hydrate the skin and don’t use any other method of hair removal. Medical appointments are needed to follow up the response of the treatment.

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