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Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid

Hylauronic Acid is a substance that is part of the elements that are found normally between the space of the human beings and the animal cells (extracellular matrix), and for its aesthetical use is employed a synthetic derivative of animal origin. Is used as a biological filling to decrease the emphasis of wrinkles and the face lines or folds that are formed with the pass of time, or to give volume to thin structures, through a temporary or transitory filling effect, this is a different mechanism to the Botulinum Toxin, and its indications are different.

This procedure is indicated in patients that no matter the age wish to improve the depth of lines, folds and wrinkles in any face area, and that even surgery or Botulinum Toxin can’t improve. Is also indicated in patients that wish to increase the volume of some anatomic areas, such as lips. 

The substance is infiltrated in a fractioned specific quantity, according the need of the chosen areas. The effect is immediate and last nine up to fifteen months, according the density of the used substance according indication, loosing progressively by natural elimination. 

This procedure is made at the doctor’s office and lasts fifteen to thirty minutes according the treated area and the corresponding indication. Is performed without anesthesia or with topic anesthesia, located one hour before the procedure. Its ambulatory 

During the application, some mild pain can be presented as well as a little swelling and redness that won’t last more than two hours. Within adverse eventualities we can find allergic reactions, infections or lower duration that expected; the patient must assist medical controls.

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