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SemiAblative Laser and Ablative Laser

SemiAblative Laser and Ablative Laser

Ablative Laser

When we speak of ablation we mean that the procedure implies the use of Erbium or CO2 fractioned laser that generates a skin deeper peeling with the elimination of the epidermis and some of the dermis, by a controlled burning.

This is indicated on patients with great skin changes such as minor or deep wrinkles, hyperpigmentation or spots, depressed scars such as the ones produced by acne, and other plane, but notorious scars, from surgeries or accidents, this procedure is very useful and a good complement to facial rejuvenation surgeries.

The procedure is performed at the doctor’s office, it’s ambulatory, under topic (gel) anesthesia, placing the hand piece over the treated areas with the proper technical instructions. Its length goes form twenty to forty minutes and usually only two sessions are required, with two three months interval between them, but it will depend on the skin recovery. A minor pain, as burning, is presented, some minor punctate bleeding (as a scratch) and some swelling.

Within the secondary effects, beside pain and swelling, some crust will be created that will loose or fall within the first five to seven days, leaving a new and healthy skin with minor pink color. There’s the risk of infection while the crusts are been form in the first two days, and there is also the risk of spots appearing or hyperpigmentation.

The recovery implies the use of moisturizing and cell regeneration gels; sun screen must be very strict and even some analgesics and anti-inflammatory. At this procedure the patient must have a medical leave of absence up until he looses the crust, around seven days, and then he can retake his normal activities, using sun screen. Medical appointments are necessary.

Semi-Ablative Laser

Semi-Ablative laser is performed with a laser that is better known as PIXEL, with this a peeling of the epidermis layers is achieved, improving texture, color and skin irregularities.

It can be performed on patients that present depressed scars, such as acne, it can also be performed on thick skin, large pores patients, and in patients that wish to improve the subtle expression lines, in the forehead, perioral and periocular regions.

This procedure is performed placing the laser hand piece over the treated areas, with the proper technical instructions. It requires several sessions according the medical treatment and the initial response to the treatment, each session can be done every four weeks. Results are seen from the first session. Length will go from fifteen to thirty minutes, according the treated area, is performed without anesthesia, although there is a very minor burning sensation. It’s an ambulatory procedure and it’s performed at the doctor’s office. There is no bleeding or wound, some redness with a minor swelling can appear during the first day, on the second day skin will show a small and progressive peeling, with this the skin heals and shows the proper changes.

As a secondary effect there can be some skin irritation, burning sensation on the first day, minor swelling, sun burnings, hyperpigmentation or skin spots.

As this procedure is done with semi-ablative laser, it has very fast recovery, because there are no injuries and at four day the patient can restart his normal life style. During the three first days the patient must hydrate the skin with moisturizing creams and gels, and must use sun screen; after the four day is very important to continue with the normal skin cares, such as sun screen. Medical appointments are very important.

SemiAblative Laser and Ablative Laser