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The surgery performed by Dr. Fabian Cuevas was a breast augmentation, in which he was very clear about the procedure he was going to perform, during all the checks after the surgery he was very clear in all the cares that I had to have. About the surgery I was very pleased with the obtained results. “Thanks because with doctors like you, a lot of patients are totally satisfied”

Diana Abondano

My opinion of Dr. Cuevas is the best. He was a very responsible surgeon, totally professional, with time, “trust” growth in us, allowing me, as a patient, to trust in his judgment, I had the confidence to ask and get the answer to my doubts and specially, been sure of each step to follow, in the surgery as well as in the post-op. I honestly don’t know how to express my gratitude. Thanks!

Madelaide Morales

When I arrive to this practice I found myself in a very distressing situation. Dr. Cuevas performed my surgery was a blessing and a complete success for me, because he was and he is the person and the professional that fulfill my expectations, he provide me with the proper arguments, clear and complete, and these gave to me the needed trust, as well as that chemistry with my physician, making me feel that I was in the best possible hands. Likewise, all was the same during the post-op, because he continues taking care of his patient. The truth is that Dr. Cuevas is a great surgeon, very dedicated to his patients and with the proper medical knowledge. Thanks a lot to find a Doctor like you.

Martha Lucia Galindo

TESTIMONY OF A GOD’S MIRACLE AND A SCIENTIFIC MIRACLE On October 2005, I had a terrible accident. A truck run over me, it trashed my right arm and forearm, it also broke 7 of my ribs and the right side of my abdomen also suffered a lesion. I was transferred to the nearest city, to a very prestigious clinic and the plastic surgeon diagnostic was disarticulation of arm, given the contamination with the mud in the place of the landslide and the poor state of the arm, and although I lose skin and muscles, I did not lose the mobility on my fingers and the tendons worked alright; since the first moment I did not accepted the diagnostic. My accident was a Saturday and four days went by with surgical cleaning and my arm did not improve, my condition was critical. The doctors gathered my family to have a medical board and present the disarticulation diagnosis, such thing was not accepted for me, and this is why I requested the transfer to Bogota city, in order to get a second opinion. I was taken to the Marly Clinic in Bogota, I arrived on my full senses. They called the orthopedist in order to perform the disarticulation of my arm, but when he take a look to it, and after I told him that I could move my fingers he thought that there was a chance of saving the arm, after the infectology test came out clean, he realized that there was no infection and that there was a possibility to rebuild the arm. Then the orthopedist called to who will become my savior, Dr. Fabian Cuevas. And it was then when the work of my great surgeon friend began, grafts and flaps of my abdomen saved my arm, from then on, I had a million surgeries, all of those performed in the Marly Clinic. I think I hold the record of ambulatory and surgical procedures in the Marly Clinic, to this institution I’m most grateful, thanks for all the cares I got from its physicians, nurses and surgical helpers. I thank God, for give me the strength needed so the doctors could rebuild my arm. I specially want to thank with all my heart to Dr. Cuevas, for his dedication, for his perseverance, looking each day and with each surgery that my arm look each day better and had its full functionality, and he made it, now days is very little left of that trashed arm, all the people who has seen the process and who saw my arm back then, are amazed of the work performed by Dr. Cuevas. God save him and bless him for all his patience, I hope this testimony is read by many people, and that those that had suffered from terrible accidents and are in need to improve some scars, come to Dr. Cuevas, you can compare the before and after shoots, and you will see the miracle, is incredible. God bless you, Dr. Cuevas

Nubia Romero



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