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Having a plastic surgery with Doctor Fabian Cuevas is to feel that you’re completely calm, full of trust; you get the needed company during and after the surgery. Dr. Cuevas is a complete professional on his field, he manage to give his patient the safety needed to perform any procedure. His honesty, respect and trust were crucial at the time of my surgery. Thanks Dr. Cuevas.

Julieth Torres

The surgery performed by Dr. Fabian Cuevas was a breast augmentation, in which he was very clear about the procedure he was going to perform, during all the checks after the surgery he was very clear in all the cares that I had to have. About the surgery I was very pleased with the obtained results. “Thanks because with doctors like you, a lot of patients are totally satisfied”

Diana Abondano

When I arrive to this practice I found myself in a very distressing situation. Dr. Cuevas performed my surgery was a blessing and a complete success for me, because he was and he is the person and the professional that fulfill my expectations, he provide me with the proper arguments, clear and complete, and these gave to me the needed trust, as well as that chemistry with my physician, making me feel that I was in the best possible hands. Likewise, all was the same during the post-op, because he continues taking care of his patient. The truth is that Dr. Cuevas is a great surgeon, very dedicated to his patients and with the proper medical knowledge. Thanks a lot to find a Doctor like you.

Martha Lucia Galindo

“In the beginning of 2007 I had a home accident. As a result of this accident I had very deep burns in my right arm. When I meet Dr. Cuevas I had a very serious lesion in all my leg, I was only being attended with healings, so that the wound would close by second intension, but with a constant risk of infection. Up until that moment I had seen a countless number of plastic surgeons that couldn’t take over my case, most of them hadn’t take a case like mine in years. The pain was unbearable, my wound did not healed and I couldn’t go to work, I couldn’t even go to the bathroom. Since the first time I meet Dr. Cuevas he gave the confidence and trust I needed to place on his hands my case. From that moment on I gave me alternatives, the safest option was to perform grafts, and he exposed Cleary the consequences that this could have on scarring. I choose grafts and later my leg healed, but for me it was terrible to see my leg, I couldn’t stand look at it, I cried each time I saw the scar. Dr. Cuevas reviewed my case and gave an reconstruction surgical alternative to improve the scar on my leg. During this whole process and after the surgical interventions Dr. Cuevas not only gave back to me the tranquility and trust to see my leg without any suffering, but also he provide to me the company and warmth necessary to deal with all of this, he is a great professional and a wonderful person. What I can say about Dr. Cuevas is that i would be grateful forever and that I can recommend him, not only by his quality as a physician but as a human being.

Carolina Silva



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